Gypsum Plasters & Skim coats

Gypsum Plasters & Skim Coats​ is also called wall putty, is a decorative and functional trowelling material for interior or external wall construction. It is applied to hide or remove blemishes or defects on the wall substrate’s surface to give them a smooth appearance.

Easy Mixing

The lubrication effect provided by Micelo can greatly reduce the friction between the gypsum particles, thereby making mixing effortless and shortens the mixing time. Ease of mixing also reduces the clumping that usually occurs.

Increases water demand

Compared to unmodified gypsum, Micelo modified building materials can drastically increase the water demand, which increases both working time AND volumetric yield, thus making the formulation much more economic.

Improves water retention

Micelo modified Gypsum building materials can prevent leakage of water into the sub-surface, thus prolongs hydration time and increases the open and correction time.

Better temperature stability

Hot weather usually prevents successful plaster application, due to the fast evaporation rate and difficulty to properlycure a placed project. Micelo can make hot weather appl ications possible, by reducing the evaporation rate through its water retention and film formation properties,thereby giving the workers time to finish AND cure the project properly.

Increases Final Strength

Due to the myriad of properties which are imparted by the MiCelo edition, the final strength is improved.

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