Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

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MiCelo Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC) Is Non-Ionic Cellulose Ether, Which Is Made From Natural Polymer Material By The Processing Of Etherification Reaction. It Is A Kind Of Odorless, Tasteless, Non-Toxic White Powder Or Granule. It Is Soluble In Hot And Cold Water, Forming A Transparent Viscous Solution And Insoluble In Common Organic Solvents. Besides It Is Dissolved Without Being Affected By PH Value.

Technical Data:

AppearanceWhite Or Yellowish Powder
Methoxyl Content(Wt%)24.5-28.0
Hydroxyethyl Content(Wt%)1.5-9.5
PH Value(1% Water Solution)5.0-8.5
Water Content(%)≤5
Ash Content(%)≤5
Particle Size(Passing 0.18 Mm)100- 98.5% Passing  80-100% Passing
Viscosity (Brookfield RVT1%,20℃)400mPa.S-80000mPa.S



Binder: Used As A Thickener And Binder In The Adhesive Formulation.
Ceramic: Gives Lubricity, Water Retention And Increases The Original Strength Of The Ceramic Embryo.
Building Materials: Mixing Into Cement, So That Cement Mortar, Plaster And Gypsum Ingredients Have Water Retention Properties And Improve Their Workability.
Cosmetics: Regulate Rheology To Give The Product The Right Viscosity, Emulsification, Stability, Lubricity And Foam Stability, And Surfactant Compatibility.
Leather: It Is Used As A Thickener And Water Retaining Agent For Leather Surface Protective Rubber When It Is Processed And Dried During Leather Processing.
Latex Coating: As A Protective Colloid, Thickener And Pigment Dispersant
Paint Stripper: Conducive To The Compatibility Of Water And Organic Solvents, Thickener In Blade Coating And Rinse-Off Paint Remover
Paper Products: Film Forming Agent For Surface Sizing Or Oil Repellent Coatings.
Plywood: Adjusting The Rheology Of The Binder
Various Resins And Rubbers: Fiber Reinforced Plastic Molding Release Agent, Water Based Coating Emulsifiers, Thickeners And Stabilizers.
Textiles: As A Textile Sizing Material, Thickeners And Stabilizers In Printing Paste Or Latex Paints

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